Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September 1st and 4th

 September Friends

The pigs have new neighbors!  We moved the turkeys out there last weekend and the pigs are both curious and a little unsure of their new friends.  When we move the turkeys, they get to roam free until we get the new space set up.  Some of their roaming has taken them into the pig pen, which is exciting until they notice a large hog is following them.  It is kind of funny to watch, but luckily the turkeys can fly because I do not put it past the pigs to take a curious nibble like they do to my boots and clothes every day : )

Yeah! lettuce!  The summer's heat and humidity definitely melted some of my mid summer lettuce plantings.  But with a little tlc and cooler days, these new plantings are coming around nicely.  Chuck thought so too.....shortly after we transplanted them, he munched some to the ground and we had to cover them with netting so he couldn't get into them anymore.  bad Chuck.

What a relief to get some rain.  We ended up with just under an inch.  Most things still look amazing, but some of certainly lost some vitality with the prolonged hot and dry.  Cucumbers and zucchini usually tire out around now, but it seems as though they have quit a week earlier than my usual date. We are certainly into the transition of fall veggies ... more cabbage, leeks, squash and garlic!

Sunday September 6th 9:30-12:30
Moxie Plaza (downtown Lisbon Falls)
We are holding a one time Farmer's Market to promote FarmDrop
join us for live music, drink and food sales and community!  And do not be shy to spread the word : )

This Week's Bounty: lettuce (non Chuck eaten), cabbage (red/green), broccoli, lots of beans, tomatoes, celery, leeks, fennel bulb and parsley and a melon for half shares