Tuesday, October 20, 2020


2020 has certainly been an abnormal year.  And for all the no fun it has brought, time still has flown by.  And for some reason I feel energized and motivated to farm a successive season rather than bundle up and sleep like I usually do this time of year.  Unfortunately Maine's winter will prevent me from firing up the greenhouse and starting tomato seeds right away, but what it does provide is time for planning.  I already have a healthy list started of ideas, changes, reflections, projects.... to propel me through winter and into spring.  AND a healthy fridge full of colored veg to nourish me.  Do you?!  I still have a few Holiday & Winter Shares available.  And if you aren't sold by those, be sure to check out our weekly FarmDrop!! https://littleridge.farmdrop.us

The welcomed rain gave a much needed drink to my fall crops.  They are a bit smaller than usual, but they are MUCH bigger than just 2 weeks ago when I thought I would be serving you chinese "leaves" in stead of chinese cabbage!  The deer have been enjoying them as well which means they must be extra tasty.  The lettuce seemed to be their favorite, so you will have to get creative with salads this week : )

Last Friday was my 45th birthday and I have been enjoying a few gifts since then ... I have been slightly addicted to after lunch chai.  So I was gifted double chai spice loose leaf tea and homemade ginger cookies to dip.  Perfect for a fall day!!

I hope you are finding joy in little things and filling your bellies with good food.  THANK YOU for loving Little Ridge Farm and for trusting us to serve you.  We are excited to continue our CSA and use FarmDrop as a complimentary service.  We hope you find both of these a light in your family's lives.

This Week's Bounty: a bit o' lettuce, chinese cabbage, pac choi, savoy cabbage, carrot, onion, leek, potato, red/golden beets, green/red tomato, hot pepper, parsley and your choice of winter squash or pie pumpkin

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Pulled over 1000lbs of carrots out of the field yesterday before the rain.  One more bed to go.  After that we still have beets, celeriac, leeks, cabbage, radishes.... but we are well underway!

Now that we are finally getting the much needed rain (about 8 weeks too late) I am hoping the last of the field crops will get one last growth spurt.  The fields are covered in leaves and the remay (frost protection blankets) I have put out are torn apart by deer hooves and fox feet.  The cooler temps bring in the wildlife looking for last minute calories before winter sets in.  I feel the same, as I can't seem to eat dinner early or fast enough at the end of my day!

Alright, I have to bundle back up and head back out into the rain to get kohl rabi which I forgot to harvest : )

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, chard, green/red tomato, delicata/acorn squash (as a part of your weight), onions, potato, kohl rabi, hot pepper, celery, parsley


Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Zach cleaned up and composted the flower garden and the beds in front of the pick up barn.  Most flowers were hit by the cold but he lovingly left two beds in the pyo garden that had a few spots of color left.  From a distance I thought it was a little silly as it all looked to be dead, but as we played a game of Can Jam Sunday evening, I was inspired to pick a bouquet.  Adorned with parsley and sage, my fall bouquet wakes me up every morning with a smile.

I sucked mom into helping clean and bag tomatoes and corn for the freezer.  It is always a lot of work, but we are ever so grateful to have mouthfuls of summer in the depths of winter.  The sun was warm (much warmer than in my house!) and it was nice to chat with mom as we worked.  Peppers are next and then I think we are done freezing.  Then come January I pull out the tomatoes and all the fruit I have stashed and heat the house with the making of tomato sauce and jam!

Hope you are all finding moments of warmth, color and friendly chatter : )

This Week's Bounty: celery, parsley, onion, scallion, gold beets w greens, sweet/hot pepper, red/green tomato, carrot, fennel bulb, acorn/delicata squash