Thursday, January 14, 2021


Welcome 2021

This time of year brings me back to summer.  How? you ask.  I begin to pull all of summer's bounty that we packed away into the freezer out.  And from this glorious stash I make tomato sauce for us and jams and butters for you!

I do not generally spend much time in the kitchen cooking (that is Zach's area of expertise), I do, however, love preserving and processing food.  Squirreling it away for future use and unexpected tastes of seasons which seem far away.  Next week's journey will be through June's precious strawberries and late summer's raspberries and blueberries.  And then on to fall with Maine apples and cranberries.  Look for fresh products on the Little Ridge Farm shelves and on FarmDrop! 

Thus far we have been blessed with a mild and bright winter.  While John and I packed FarmDrop bags, last Friday, Simon sat upon his favorite perch and kept watch on us.  He is a good reminder of playfulness on a whirlwind day.

The warmer January weather allowed us to harvest spinach from the hoop house for our Winter Share this week. It is dark green, thick and juicy and tremendously sweet.  It seems as though a mouse found it's way into our sweetness and Puffa is patiently awaiting its return.  He did bring me a "gift" later in the day, although I cannot be sure it was this spinach eating culprit.  Hopefully, yes.  

I hope you may find memories of a special season and it can carry you to a happy place!!