Monday, April 19, 2010

April 2010

Happy Spring!!!

Well this April has been a bundle of up and downs for the farm. First off all the perennial plants: strawberries, herbs, asparagus and fruit trees are looking happy and full of life. The soils look dark and healthy and it has been fun to work the first bit of ground this year. It's the earliest I have ever been able to get on the ground. So peas, carrots, beets and lettuce are seeded and head lettuce and chinese cabbage are planted!

And our new kitty, Milo, LOVES to be outside!

I was excited to do more this week, but my tractor broke down. So so sad. I think I will be able to get it fixed and I am hoping that it won't cost more than the tractor is worth and I am optimistic that it will be repaired by the end of this week. I am trying not to panic (although I admit I had a small break down this weekend) I said this is the earliest I have ever worked the ground, so really I am not behind--whew!

The bit of rain was welcome this weekend, especially since it was a NORMAL amount! The earth is glistening spring. I love the vibrancy of spring and this has been the finest that I can remember since living here in Maine. Coming from West Virginia, where the vegetation almost engulfs you and wildflowers grace the edges of the road like a finger painting, I have high expectations, but this spring is nice.


Thanks to you all, currently I am just 3 full shares short of my goal (50)! It has been wonderful to hear the excitement from all of you and I am looking forward to a season full of good food. I am also doing 10 Senior Shares this summer. It is a Federal Program that gives $50 worth of fresh fruits or veggies to low income seniors. They have to come to the farm and fill out a form and it has been wonderful to meet them all and hear their stories of gardens past.

Well, enjoy the spring and I will be in touch soon!