Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Feeling Springy!

Although it has not been consistent, spring DOES feel like it's approaching.  There are already days in the greenhouse where a tank top is necessary and sunglasses are a must.  The hoop house greens are filling out and tasting sweet.  And the robins are flitting and singing like every day is the best day.

One spring chore is to uncover the strawberries from their winter comforter of straw.  The plants looked happy, well rested and ready to produce copious amounts of lusciousness this summer!  Amazingly, the ground was still frozen and heaved under the straw, but I think Monday's sun helped. 

I am feeling excited about the 2019 growing season!  Greenhouse and Hoop house work has been so pleasurable this spring and all the plants already look so happy.  Don't be afraid to share the good news of Little Ridge Farm!  We love what we do and are passionate about our product.  There are always good things happening here...don't miss out!

This week is the last Winter Share pick up and soon Summer Shares will begin!  Be sure to reserve your spot now!!