Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 2010


Ahhh, a beautiful day in the snowy sun. On warm days, I open the barn doors for Dora and Dudley. Dora loves it, Dudley is still a little unsure. All in all though, he is getting a little braver and becoming a bit, a bit, more used to Simon. And Freddie the cat...well, he is till pretty unsure of Dora, but he came out to sit with us in the sun anyway.

So all the seeds are ordered! In fact, I received my first box of seeds from Johnny's today! It always amazing me, how much food is produced from a pile of seeds that fit into 2 large shoeboxes! The life of a seed, it is a wonderous thing.

Farm planning is under way. Field planning and website updates are on the list of things to do for the upcoming week. It's fun to plan for the year, it's like planning a party...with really good food : )

Winter Shares Yep! I will be offering a share of food January through April 2011. It will be a glorious bundle of storage crops and some fun stuff like dry beans or frozen berries or...I'll have more info about the details soon.

Until then, bundle up and eat soup : ) Cheers!