Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Longer Rays of Sun

Outside the days are getting longer, brighter and warmer!  Even though the thermometer still reads below normal, the intensity of the sun is increasing and that feels good!  

Inside the greenhouse, seedlings are germinating and happily reaching for the sun.  It's a hot spot on a sunny day and I have been enjoying wearing t-shirts and ditching the long johns!

Inside the house, we are still planning, crunching numbers and ordering materials.  Thank goodness I have Puffa, my office assistant, to help!

Simon and I are enjoying the last of our days "out and about" reflecting on life and soaking up free time.  We are looking forward to a new growing season and all it has to offer.  I think Simon is thinking about groundhogs, lying in the shade and getting dog treats from shareholders.  I am thinking more along the lines of bountiful harvests, weed free fields and happy customers : )

We have a few spots left, please don't delay and reserve your fresh veggies now!
Spread the news about the incredible Little Ridge Farm!!