Tuesday, December 16, 2014



Farm planning for 2015 has begun!  Seed catalogs come earlier and earlier every year.  It's actually quite nice.  Even though my body is exhausted, my mind is reeling with new ideas and changes I want to make next season.  It feels good to dig right in, plus if I don't so it right away, I might forget my ideas!  I think I am almost set with the seed list.  A few new varieties have found their way to the order form (especially flowers), but mostly I am keeping to my tried and true.  Crops I have come to love due to their flavor, vibrant color and resilience.

After a 4 hour meeting with my soil consultant, soil amendments are nearly ordered as well.  I am feeling pretty good about the health of my soil.  The lovely bounty of crops in 2014 was a good indication of happy soils, but there is always something to improve upon and feeding the soils is a never ending task for a conscious farmer. 

Of course, all of these seeds and amendments cost money!  And the beauty of the CSA model is that your payment before the season starts allows me to purchase the necessary materials without accruing debt therefore passing savings along to you and keeping us in business.  A win win!

A $70 deposit will hold your spot for the 2015 summer season. 
After the new year, I will open sales up to new customers--don't miss out!
Full Share $575, Half $315
Mail me a check:
101 Gould Rd Lisbon Falls, ME 04252
The December Holiday Share is coming up this Thursday and it will be full of awesome storage veggies.  There is even some greens like chard, kale, leeks and cabbage!  So many awesome ways to eat winter vegetables, I hope you have fun experimenting with them.
Thank you all for loving Little Ridge Farm--we wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season!!!