Saturday, December 19, 2020


 Merry Holidays!

I hope they find you cozy and warm and with a belly full of local goodness!  Wow what a beautiful snow we had!! So light and fluffy, Simon made a bed out of it ; )  Wish we had snowfall like this always; shoveling sugar and walking through clouds.

We have been taking advantage of winter thus far and have gone on some gorgeous hikes.  I admit I am a bit jealous that Zach is going today, but since the snow storm was Thursday, I had to move CSA pick up to today and FarmDrop was yesterday...  So while I do not get to play in the snow, I get to see all of your lovely faces, which is equally as nice : )

Inside the home, we are blessed with a shower of Christmas Cactus flowers.  A nice show this year, reminding us how much we have to give when we take the time to rest. 

Seed order is already in and most of my seeds for 2021 have already arrived!  Over the years, I have done my order by Jan 1 to ensure I get varieties I like.  This year, I jumped on it even quicker as seed & product supply is short due to COVID (shipping complications and more home gardeners buying seeds/raising livestock).  I received a grant this year to build another Hoop House and although we are not building it until spring, it was just delivered yesterday.  I was nervous with shipping complications, it would not arrive when I needed it.  As it was, it took nearly two months to arrive after I ordered it.  It feels a little strange to be completely done with 2021 seed and supply and livestock (turkey poults, calves, piglets and their processing dates!), but I also feel secure and prepared.  Know that you are in good hands with us here at Little Ridge Farm!!  We love you and want to keep you well fed : )

I listened to a podcast while I cleaned onions for CSA pick up (ologies, of course, on "awesome-ology").  It focused on gratitude and the interviewee recommended every evening noting a "rose, rose, thorn, bud" (positive, positive, negative, future positive) about your day.  Looking back on the whole of 2020, these are a few of my rose plant parts....

Rose: a quieter schedule, allowing evenings to be more spontaneous and do what I felt rather than what was scheduled.

Rose: the rebuilt energy around buying local food and products -- seeing the awe of folks realizing (or re-realizing) how much Maine can produce

Thorn: seeing Simon getting older

Bud: the chance to do it all again in 2021; live this life, be a farmer, go on walks, snuggle my pets, laugh with friends, eat amazing food prepared by my thoughtful husband, revel in nature's unbelievable gifts from seeds to water to the rays of the sun.....

Whishing you the Very Best This Holiday Season!