Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Happy Holidays!!!

Hope this holiday season finds you surrounded by good food and
all things that make you happy!
Usually by this time I have ordered almost all my seeds and am making final adjustments to large farm purchases.  This year, however, since it's been so warm, I find myself searching for things to do outside rather work in the house.  The extraordinarily warm weather has been such a treat!  The spinach in the greenhouse is vibrant and sweet and there is still chard and kale available for harvest out in the field.  Of course, some crops, like garlic, need a period of cold to invigorate their spring growth.  Winter, at some point this season, will be welcomed.
For the most part, the farm will move ahead in 2016, the same as it did in 2015.  It's hard sometimes not to fall into the draw of expansion season after season.  I am grateful for my return clientele and I think, in part, it is due to my conscious decisions NOT to expand.  Keeping the farm manageable allows me to be able to continue to do special things like bags people's shares when they cannot make pick up, or respond promptly to emails or make potato rolls for the Holiday shares or...  and most importantly it allows me to pay special attention to growing super tasty food.  I hope that shareholders who have been here since the beginning are noticing the change in the flavor of our products too.  With continued effort in growing better soil, our crops have become sweeter, denser and more tender.  It's pretty fun for us to taste all of hard work!
We look forward, once again, to bringing in a new season with excitement and endurance...creating a farm we are proud of.  Thank you for loving Little Ridge Farm!!!
Keena, Zach, Simon, Leroy, Inka and Puffa