Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Welcome to Winter!

When we started this morning, it was 2 degrees outside.  The kitties are lounging by the fire, the ducks refused to venture outside their pen and chose the heat lamp instead and even Simon has been snuggled up on the pile of blankets on the couch.  He and I will venture out for our daily walk at some point today, but not without some serious layers on.

I have been keeping the house warm by making apple butter.  It's thickening up on the stove as I type, wafting the sweet aroma of cloves and cinnamon up the stairs.  This recipe has become a customer favorite.  The flavor reminds me of winter--snuggled cozy and warm inside, that is. 

I wore my new apron for the first time today.  It is nicely splattered with apple butter now.  Thank you to my brother and his family for this fun gift.  It's making potato rolls that really gets me covered in flour.  Now I am prepared!
For the first time ever, I am having to reschedule a winter share pick up.  The single digit temps would send the veggies into a frozen state so fast...not to mention all my share holders!  Thank you to all for being flexible and understanding. 
There are several fun veggies in store for this month.  There are the usual roots--carrots, potatoes turnips...  But there are a few items that are often overlooked and you are missing out!  Spruce up your winter cooking with these ideas: