Tuesday, November 17, 2015


An Extended Fall 

Sunny warm days have made my post season to do list much more enjoyable.  Even though the days are short, I am able to get my list accomplished quickly.  Usually this time of year, I am moving in slow motion due to the cold and the multitude of layers I must wear to stay warm.  This work speed makes Simon happy, because it usually leaves time for a walk before the sun sets along the Androscoggin River Trail. 
The cover crops are still growing, pushing their roots down further, holding the soil in place for the winter.  Their lush green tops are too tempting for the deer and other critters who come out for a midnight snack.  That is ok, I do not mind them nibbling on non vegetable items...but come spring, they better find another restaurant! 
The first of many seed catalogs arrived in the mail yesterday!  I already scanned through it marking few new varieties I may try.  I enjoy farm planning; it gives me time to think about quantities, varieties, timing of crops.... it gives me time to make sure next summer's share is bountiful and perfect for you! 
Present Shareholders...... Be sure to mail in your deposit by Jan 1st to hold your spot!!!
(Others who are interested, please email me to be added to the wait list.)
 Mmmmmm homemade potato rolls
I spent nearly two days this year making enough rolls for the Thanksgiving Share pick up.  It's a fun addition to the share...or should I say addiction for shareholders? : )
Happy Thanksgiving!
I am thankful.