Monday, March 16, 2015


Spring is Coming!

This wonderful piece of artwork was gifted to me from one of my shareholders' son, Oden.  It is one of many he has drawn for us, but this one is the best.  Looking at in hanging on the fridge last night, as I shared a meal with 5 other farmer friends, reminded me that spring will come.  Soon I will be out there under the big yellow sun, harrowing with my John Deere, while some little man in a black hat drops seed. 

Now don't get me wrong, I am not wishing winter away.  We are still enjoying snow shoeing and skiing and eating our root veggies, but I will admit to soaking up new spring energy in the air: a longer, brighter sun, singing birds and warm breezes...I even had a tank top on in the greenhouse the other day as we seeded onions!

I hope you enjoy this shift from winter to spring.  Living in a place with 4 seasons makes me recognize the wonder of nature.  Each season brings a special treat and it's the change of season that reminds me of that detail.  If it were the same day in and day out, I would miss nature's wonderful consistent and insistent ability to grow.

Get your raw on with this month's veggie share!  Many of the veggies (gold ball turnip, watermelon radish, carrot, kohl rabi, beets, cabbage) are delicious eaten raw as crudité or shredded in salads.  You can get creative with mustard or orange juice, or keep in simple with olive oil and salt.  Either way it tastes great and makes you feel good!