Thursday, April 21, 2016


Quack Quack Waddle Waddle

We have a couple of new farm friends: LaPorsha and Chicken!  We have no idea if they are male or female yet, and we were going to stick with our "D" for "duck" names, but then one night LaPorsha and Chicken were suggested and they just stuck.  Chicken is not at all a wimp, mind you.  The exact opposite actually.  But its body structure is more squat and little like a chicken's rather than tall and lean like a duck's.  They are 2 weeks old today and are about 3x the size!!!

We are trying to get them used to us, so we take them for walks....

Now THIS is the way to enjoy spring!!

And now we begin!  After a few warm, windy days, the soil dried out enough to seed peas this weekend.  May they grow and be fruitful!  Spring planting is always both simultaneously gratifying and stressful.  It feels great to be moving again and working and the soil, I am ready for a new season.  But it isn't as easy as just going out and throwing seeds in the ground.  There are a multitude of steps that must happen before seeding or transplanting and sometimes those steps take awhile.  

It feels a little funny to be having the last winter share pick up today since it is going to be 70 degrees!  Thank you to all who participated, I hope you enjoyed it!