Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Dash into 2017!

Last fall, FEDCO (one of our local seed companies), called and asked if i would model for their 2017 cover. Of course, I agreed and couldn't be happier with their mock up of me. Buff arms, tight legs...ok a little bustier than usual, but looking good!  

Alright, I admit, just joking.  Actually I should email FEDCO and tell them to make this into one of those "put your face on this body" images, I think it would be a hit!  So I may not physically look like this, but it's a good image on how I feel about the upcoming farm season right now.  Ask me midseason on a sweltering hot day, I might have a different opinion, but right now I am super psyched!

One reason why I am psyched, is that it is my job to order my farm seed/tools/supplies from awesome companies like FEDCO.  In this state alone we have 6 seed companies (Johnny's, Allen Sterling Lothrop, Pinetree, The Maine Potato Lady and Wood Prairie Farm).  Not only are these seed companies located in Maine, but several of the seeds/seedling/plants offered are grown right here on farms in Maine.  So, when you support me, you are also supporting other Maine farms and businesses!
Reading through the FEDCO catalog this year, I was laughing at the crazy drawing/images they filter through the pages and was reminded how lucky I am to be a part of this big picture.  Fully committed to small business, organic farming, the environment and health.

Winter made her appearance hard and fast.  Although my second attempt at snow blowing the hoop house, was not nearly as pleasant as the first, it was still much easier than shoveling it all by hand (we did have to do some hand shoveling and ice block chucking).  If only I could get people to pay me to remove the snow.  A farm version of the Iron Man or Spartan Race.  

Winter rested just long enough for Jean and I to harvest the spinach out of the hoop house today. Although many leaves were still frozen to the ground and, at times, my fingers froze to the leaves, we pulled out a solid 50 lbs for pick up.  Ready your taste buds!  Yes, of course, you can buy spinach year round in the grocery store, but does it taste like candy?! 

happy winter, everyone