Wednesday, April 8, 2020


 April Showers.... 

...bring May flowers.  What do May flowers bring?   ... Pilgrims!  ha : )
Hope you are finding a little light in your day.

Simon, the best dog EVER, just celebrated his 12th birthday on April 1st.  We celebrated with a beef bone, a walk and lots of hugs.  Oh wait, he gets that every day!  So much love.

So here we are all are, in a surreal time.  I am grateful for so many things, including my incredible customer base and support system.  Thank you for your kind words and well wishes (and donated masks)!  I send all of you a bit of peace knowing we are here planting seeds and making steps toward a healthy and bountiful summer of food!  Know it is grown with so much love and connection to the earth and we are blessed to share it with you. 

More than ever we are thankful for the gifts of our land and the incredible stash of food we have in our pantry, freezer and storage.  We generally eat the misfit veg and every bit is just as good as the madonnas.  Above is country style spare rib, sauteed spinach with bacon bits, winter squash and a slaw made with black radish and kohl rabi. so yum.  Blessings on your meal. 

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