Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Walking around the farm this time of year is always a mix of feelings and the drought has made them more intense.  I enjoy the fall colors and strangely right as the season changes is when we get the highest yield of summer's best (tomatoes and peppers).  I guess the best way to describe my feeling is spending an immense amount of time planning for a big event, like a wedding, and then in a flash the day comes and goes and you wonder if it really ever happened. ...all the prep and labor to get plants in the ground, many that take all summer to grow, and then "whoosh" over night a freeze comes and half my work is erased.  BUT THEN, the wild asters and red maples brighten the field edges and fall crops, which I feel like can't be possibly be still growing in autumn's waning light and no rain, DO GROW and brighten our plates and palettes.

These cute little radishes are survivors.  Radishes are "supposed" to mature in 25 days.  I seeded these Aug 10th (nearly 50 days ago).  We have had .5" of rain since then.  The tops are only 2.5" tall but they actually made a sweet bulb.  

And this cover crop has amazingly grown so tall and lush in the drought.  The bits of moisture we have had the past few days are supplying much needed water to the bees and they and other insects are happily buzzing about in here.  This spot will be a new hoop house next year, so I am excited to be feeding the soil with some nice organic matter.

Oh my, this blog was a bit scattered. Sort of how I am feeling right now!  My brain has kept me awake he last several nights with worry and change and long to do lists.  Not much different than any of you I know.  So here's to a bright fall and crisp mornings!  May we all find grounding, peace and good food.

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, hot/sweet peppers, red/green cabbage, potato, leek, potato, celery, cauliflower, red/green tomato, parsley