Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We took a nice walk at Popham Beach on Valentine's Day. We even ran into some shareholders there--who were barefoot! We weren't that brave, although Simon went swimming. He also greeted everyone there. And maybe ate a few chips : )

We enjoyed a beautiful stretch of weather there, sunny and "warm". My friends, who I help with sugaring, even started tapping their trees, two and a half weeks earlier than usual. It's been fun, tromping through the woods, lugging buckets, lids and spiles. We thought we would start collecting sap this week, but the rain has taken over. Hopefully next week the weather will turn more like winter and we can make some sugary sweetness.

SURPRISE!!! Dudley started laying eggs! (Dudley is the duck in the background. Dora is in the foreground trying to take credit.) Every morning I go out to feed, water and let the ducks out of the barn and in return, I collect an egg. They are big and beautiful and they taste super! As we are used to calling them Dora "she" and Dudley "he", please forgive us if your children grow up to believe that it's the male ducks who lay the eggs. Needless to say, they have been enjoying this ducky weather and have made several trips down to their summer home by the PYO garden. I think when the weather gets warmer, we may try and see what a good mom Dudley is and let "him" hatch out some of the eggs.

Pass the Word!
The website is fully updated now along with the brochures and other various forms. Please be sure to pass the word about Little Ridge Farm. As Zach said to me last night, "this is the place to be," don't let your friends miss out!