Wednesday, November 19, 2014



This is the time of year I get all mushy about how thankful I am for this farm, for my family and friends who supported me to make it happen and to you, the customer, who keep me going.  It's all true.  Zach pointed out the other day that I live a "charmed life" and he is right.  Despite harvesting in cold wet soil, loading boxes of beef from the butcher in a deluge of sleet and rain, long long hours of cleaning vegetables in icy water, I would not change my profession for any other.  Because on the flip side there are many glorious days filled with sun and soil and luscious veggies and happy customers and so many many many more good things than bad and I am thankful for it all.

This week was the first cold snap we have had.  I geared up and harvested hundreds of pounds of chard and kale.  The cooler is STUFFED full of goodness.  So full that I actually have rented storage space at two other farms and have left some leeks and cabbage in the field...hoping they will hold out until I can find space to squeeze them inside.  The coldness has sweetened everything up down to the core and I find myself loving on the stems of chard, kale and broccoli more than the leaf itself.  
The days are short (the only downside to fall) and Simon and I finished harvesting the chard in the lights of the truck and then headed off for a walk in the woods with a headlamp.  Although Simon's the orange vest builds up some static electricity, he does not mind his fall gear.  And everyone thinks he is so cute, he gets even more attention than usual (now that is hard to imagine!)  Zach thinks he is giving Sporty Spice a run for her money : )
I hope this Thanksgiving finds you warm and full of whatever makes you happy.  May your plates be bountiful with good food and your fridge be full of leftovers!  Thank you for loving Little Ridge Farm and its bounty.



Jarrahdeale Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes