Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Come on Spring!

Below average temps have made this spring a little slow to spring!  I'm sure you are feeling it too.  But despite the sleet and cold and rain, the lovely sounds of spring prevail.  The Robins are bustling about searching for worms and the Cardinals donning their bright red tuft decorate the bushes.  It's a reminder that even though the weather is till encouraging me to hunker down, it's time to get to work!  This little song has been floating around in my head.  Honestly I know it from PeeWee Herman, from the 5th grade, we had hand motions to it and everything.  Turns out it's a legit song by Louis Armstrong!  Let me share it with you:

When the redred robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along, along / There'll be no more sobbin' when he starts throbbin' his old sweet song / Wake up, wake up, you sleepy head / Get up, Get up, get out of bed / Cheer up, Cheer up the sun is Red / Live, love, laugh, and be happy / What if I were blue; now I'm walking through fields of flowers
Rain may glisten, but still I listen for hours and hours

My office and haven of choice on blustery April days is the green house.  Bright little plants greet me when I enter, along with the smell of soil and growth.  I've been busy seeding, watering, thinning and transplanting; readying these happy guys for their new outdoor home.  (I even sing to them)  A few things are big enough to be hardened off outside before being set into the earth, but I'll need to wait until the air temps warm up and the soils start to dry.  Soon we will be on our knees for hours popping tens of thousands of plants into the ground!

Another spring haven is the hoop house.  Jean and I will spend most of the day in here harvesting greens for tomorrow's pick up.  Last fall I planted kale and chard in an attempt to overwinter it and have it for April/May pick ups.  Although this winter was colder than usual for long stints of time, most of the plants survived and the flavor is wonderfully sweet.  Spinach still rocks it on hardiness, but I think I'll give the chard and kale a go again this winter.

Cheer up, spring is here and new fresh veggies are on their way!!  Thank you to my Winter Share customers for joining us in another bountiful seasonal eating extravaganza!!!

The Farmer's Table:
Maple Cream Pie -- gotta celebrate Maple Syrup Season!
Beet and beef Borscht w/ cabbage, carrots and celeriac
Don Po (Korean Pork belly) w/ spinach and winter radish stir fry
Smoked Pork Shoulder w/maple cider vinegar yellow mustard BBQ and steamed kale
Carrot sticks for every meal -- we're groovin' on 'em!
and Kim Chi spices everything up!
Along w/ our pickled pepperocinis