Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Can you Feel the Love?!

I think February to me feels like what April feels like to the average human living in a northern climate.  The sun is higher in the sky, the days are longer, warmer, brighter.  It smells different, the animals are more active, it feels different.  I can detect a significant shift in February's nature (a similar shift to what most folks feel and enjoy in April) and I love it. I love it because, February is still winter and for me that means I have a few more weeks of farm planning and preparing, going on walks with the pooch and reading thought-provoking books.  (In the summer I only read brainless YA fantasy!)  For me the April shift is exciting and lovely but no longer restful.  So for now, I'll bask in the February love. 

Thankfully Simon is feeling much better and he can accompany me on my daily walk.  He even chased a squirrel the other day!  The snow cover and icy crystals have made for some glorious tours.

My walks are often when I do my best farm brain storming.  I think it clears my mind enough to let new thoughts emerge.  I am excited to continue our local CSA, building it stronger and better; continuing to fine tune the shares to bring the best flavor and weekly diversity.  I'm looking at some new ways of marketing to local folks and I even started an Instagram account!  I'm not the best with social media, but it's yet another avenue for you to see this beautiful place and the wonder of growing food in the moment.  

Once again we idolized our new kitchen equipment and had a meat slicing party!  Our friends brought homemade pastrami (from our grass-fed beef) and Zach cooked one of our hams.  We had several sliders with all sorts of condiments on local rye and homemade potato buns.  Yum yum yum!

So I never knew that "sheet pan dinners" were a thing, but I know realize there are hundreds of recipes online.  We have often cooked chicken in a deep dish surrounded by veggies, but the sheet pan allows for even more veggies.  Of course you could have 2 pans in the oven, one meat and one veg, but the wonder of cooking it all together is a) you only dirty one pan and b) you get the meat juices to help flavor the vegetables.  This one is chicken legs with potato and winter squash.  I'll admit the chicken was a little dryer than we'd like, but the has potential and I think it is a great asset to a CSA share...quick and easy healthy meals!

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This Month's Bounty: red/green cabbage, carrot, beet, turnip, potato, sweet potato, onion, garlic, celeriac, watermelon radish, winter squash and spinach

The Farmer's Table:
*Sheet Pan Delight -- check out this site for loads of ideas
*kimchi -- it's usually made with chinese cabbage, but i made mine with a green cabbage and watermelon radish and it's so crunchy!!  We are using it in soups, on nachos... check out this site to see what you can do with kimchi.  it's super great for your digestion too!
*beef enchiladas -- from Gimmesomeoven one of my favs, my secret ingredient is chimichurri i have in the freezer which i made this summer.