Monday, December 16, 2013



Winter has come!  And full force.  A foot of snow and sub zero temps are certainly keeping us on our toes.  Simon is loving the cooler season and went out for his first ski yesterday.  The snow was so deep (and of course he has to go first) he had to do the butterfly stroke the entire way.  He was pooped last night!
Although I have been spending much of my time still doing farm work (taking inventory of leftover seeds and fertilizers, accounting, organizing, seed ordering...), my body has enjoyed the less laborious side of winter.  We have enjoyed lots of family time, decorating trees, listening to music and of course eating good food!

We hope this season finds you with time to rest and refuel with friends and family.  That the stress of the holidays rolls right past you and instead are filled with thankfulness and joy. 
Thank you all for a great 2013!! 
Loads of generous help and good energy made it a huge success.  All of the seed catalogs have arrived and are already marked up for ordering.  It's crazy how we can be so excited about ordering seeds when we just finished the season, but it feels good!  Looking forward to a splendid 2014...don't wait too long to send in your deposit to hold your spot...
December Share Pick Up
Monday 16th 3-7
It will be cold cold cold so bundle up!!!!
30lbs of winter squash, pie pumpkins, carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, rutabaga, leeks, cabbage and parsnips
 plus potato rolls and maple butter!
Favorite Recipes from friends and shareholders: