Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Ridge Farm
Summer Harvest Share Sign ups

Now is the time--tell your friends--don't miss out!!!

There is a great Local Food focus weekend happening at the Auburn Public Library.  Friday the 24th there will be a small Farmer's Market and information tables.  I will be there with a small booth.

Check out this link for more events and details:
(on the 22nd they are playing Charlotte's Webb--the pig noises are recordings from our pigs!) 

Simon has been Mr. Snuggle lately, as well as our cats.  I am sort of surprised since it hasn't been that cold out.  It has actually been feeling more like April and I have to keep looking at my calendar to remind myself it's still winter! 

I still have a few last minute farm supplies to order, but I think I am mostly set.  Taxes are finished and now my main focus is on the building of a new greenhouse.  I have been blessed with Dale's space at Mid-Coast Growers, but he is thinking of retiring so I need to create my own seedling starting space.  We have decided to build it off the backside of the barn that is attached to our house.  I want to make sure I build it just right so I have been researching constantly on the Internet about sun angles, greenhouse heaters and glazing materials.  The thought of having my plants right close is exciting, but there will be many hours of watering added to my chore list.  Zach, I think, will be most happy.  This way he can start his own flower seedlings and care for them just so.  Have I told you how much he LOVES growing the pick your own flower garden?!  He also keeps trying to talk me into building a space in the new greenhouse for a hammock.  Maybe we could start a new sun therapy business : )

Happy Winter to all of you.  May you be blessed with good food, love and warmth.