Friday, December 21, 2018


A View of 2018

There are so many beautiful moments on this farm.  We've wandered this place in the predawn light, the heat of the day, the pouring rain, driving snow, darkest of nights....even at 2am in hurricane force winds.  I know every rock and tree on this land, every constellation and conjunction that shines over us.  Sometimes we wander this place together, but mostly it is on our own, noticing and taking in different scenes and views from our own perspective.  I will admit I did not have fresh photos for this blog, so instead I surfed through Zach's cellphone photos.  Photos I rarely, or sometimes never, see.  Photos he has taken as he has wandered this place.  Views he sees that I may not because my mind is focused elsewhere.  A few of these shots are mine, but many are his and they are sweet.  

May you see loveliness this winter from many perspectives and take in what brings you joy. 

Happy Holidays.  XO, Little Ridge Farm