Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well let's hope April showers bring May veggies!  I don't have my rain gauge out yet, but I bet it would have overflowed...at least 3, maybe 4 inches.  The earth needed it though.  Simon and I took a walk about in the rain yesterday and there were tons of puddles, but they have quickly receded into the depths of the soil. 

It was a good day for paperwork catch up and pickling the last of the winter beets.  The piggies are coming Thursday so I have to get their shelter ready and the raspberries need pruning, and the cow fence needs putting back up and...and..and...while we wait for the soil to dry a bit.  Then it is back to transplanting, transplanting, transplanting!!!  Onions are the next big batch.

The greenhouse is filling up quick with Dale's beautiful annuals and my hues of green veggies.  Every week I head there to seed something and transfer tiny seedlings into slightly larger pots.  It takes about 6 weeks from seeding to when the plants are big enough to take home.  Then the flats travel home with me and I set them out on a trailer for them to "harden off".  Plants need at least 3 days to acclimate themselves to the real world: wind, direct sun, natural rain.  This way when they are planted in the ground their roots just keep right on growing rather than hold back due to shock.

Spring seems to be right on schedule now.  The temps have flexed back into the "normal" zone and this rain has certainly livened things up.  Even though it was pouring, I think everything grew a few inches yesterday....even the lawn...shoot.  It is still nice to see everything standing a bit taller and brighter now.



It is almost time for our first pick up!

I still have a handful of spots left, so tell your friends!!!