Monday, March 17, 2014


Still Frozen Outside, but Cozy Inside

We fired up the greenhouse last weekend and started over 20,000 seeds!  It took me nearly 3 days to seed all of the onions.  Okay, so it may be more than I have field space for, but I just couldn't stop!  Of course Simon helped...and Inca too, although Simon actually stepped on the flat you see in the photo and Inca climbed on top of the greenhouse...with his claws...on the plastic.  Lovely.

Working in the greenhouse this time of year is such a treat.  We have talked about charging people $5/hour just to come in and bathe in the heat.  Sort of like a tanning bed.  Any takers? : )  I have a vent that is supposed to keep the house from going above 75, but on bright sunny March days, even if it's in the teens outside, the inside temp can be well above 80.  Note to self: do NOT wear long johns on greenhouse work days...

Here Leroy is showing off our new Little Ridge Farm Map, made by shareholder and friend, Anna Low at Purple Bean Bindery.  We love it!!  It will hang it in the Community Barn to let you know what items are ready for U-Pick and where they are located.  It will also show you where to find the turkeys and pigs.  We had lots of fun creating it--I hope you find it helpful!

Summer Shares are SOLD OUT! 

Thank you to all who have signed up!! 

Anyone who calls now, will be added to the wait list. 

Pork and Holiday/Winter Shares are also sold out. 


Thursday March 20th from 3-7
Gotta love Martha for some CARROT recipes!