Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 2013: 1st Winter Share Pick-up


Mr photogenic Pedro wishes you the coziest, most relaxing, chill 2013.  He has 8 toes on all of his feet so he is very good at bounding through the snow.  He is quite a homebody, but he has been known to follow us on walks way out into the woods and the back field.  Mostly though he is cuddled on our bed, on his back with his paws covering his head--a very hard life he has.
Simon wishes you the most fun, exciting, bone-filled 2013.  Winter is definitely his preferred season.  He loves rolling in the snow and sniffing under its cover searching for mice.  His most favorite thing however is when we take him with us skiing or snowshoeing.  We do go out every day, but I am inside mostly making jam/doing computer work/etc so he gets his beauty rest as well.
Dudley, Daffney and Delores wish you the splashiest, sunniest, worm-filled 2013.  I will admit the ducks aren't super fond of winter.  They do come out of the barn on sunny days, but they head back into their cozy hutch early in the day.  The ladies did enjoy the 55 degree thaw of course. 
Zach and I wish you a new year filled with love, life, some rest, some play and great food!  We moved here for winter and love the snow and cold, skiing and snowshoeing.  Bring it on!!!