Sunday, May 31, 2015

June 2nd and 5th


There is moisture falling from the sky!  Even though the air temps are cooler, the soil is good and warm and I think the veggies are rejoicing for this moisture.  Looks like we will end up with just over an inch of rain...perfect.  It will make Tuesday morning's harvest a bit sloppy, but I am thankful...and you will be too come a few weeks from now, when your plate is full of veggies!
Wheat Boule.  Naturally Leavened.  Chewy.  Crunchy.  Yum.
If you haven't tried it yet, you MUST try Paul's home made breads and sweets--they are simply amazing.  Part of what makes them so wonderful is the interest and love he puts into making each loaf.  He goes to conferences, experiments in his kitchen and talks to other bread gurus to make these wonderful treats.  Look for his product twice a month a pick up and look for him to ask questions and see his joy in bread!

Who says you need a PYO flower garden at Little Ridge Farm to make a great bouquet?!  Look out, Zach, it will be a steep competition this year ; )
This week's bounty: spring dug parsnips and scallions, chives, rhubarb, spinach, lettuce, tat soi/pac choi, asparagus and carrots.
The farmer's table:
potato sorrel soup
hamburgers with Paul's bread and Spring Day Blues cheese
asparagus...raw, sautéed, grilled
sautéed spinach with edemame soybeans from the freezer
**be sure to check out recipes by veggie listed on the right side if the blog

Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 26th and 29th

Planting Frenzy!

The greenhouse is SO FULL, there is barely room to work.  Most of these crops are warm weather plants, just waiting for the temperatures to settle.  (It was 28 here last night!)  I have lots of crops in the ground, but luckily they are all cold tolerant and I was not lured into planting warm season crops when we had those few 80 degree days.  Come the first two weeks of June, all of these flats will be acclimated to the wind and cooler nights and it will be time to get them in the ground!  If anyone has a couple hours to spare during the day, during the week, I am sure I could put you to work!
The pigs are enjoying their new lifestyle...sleeping on a cozy bed of straw, rooting for grass and laying by the pool side.  They are a gregarious bunch this year.  Hooting it up as they run around and curiously nibbling my pant legs.  They LOVE attention, so be sure to visit them...Just don't touch the electric fence!
Although it's been a little dry, the plants are looking great, and it's given me a chance to get into all of the fields with the tractor.  Spring is usually run like mad and then come to an abrupt halt when we get 3 inches of rain.  But this year we've just been running like mad.  Going from field prep, to planting and seeding, cover cropping and then running irrigation lines.  In some ways, I feel a little ahead of the game.  I was able to accomplish some tasks earlier than usual, like planting potatoes, and now that I have all the irrigation up and running, I feel ready for summer (although this outrageous wind keeps blowing it all over the place and drying out the fields too fast!)
I am sure many of you have noticed the apple trees this spring.  Both ornamental and fruiting, the flowers look and smell glorious.  Zach and I were just commenting that it's hard to not just stop and stare at them when we head outside.  This beautiful tree is on my neighbors property.  I think it has the cutest shape and of course the little swing makes it the quintessential tree.  When it fruits, Denis, is gracious enough to share its bounty with the pigs...even though he is a vegetarian ; ) 

Here is Zach sporting the Little Ridge Farm "crew" t-shirt.  He was getting geared up to help me chip a bunch of brush this weekend.  He is anxious to plant the PYO flower garden. and is eagerly waiting for the temps to stay above 40...this week is looking hopeful!
This Week's Bounty:
From the root cellar: potatoes, carrots, shallots
From the field/hoop house: scallions, parsnips, lettuce, asparagus, chives, sorrel, rhubarb?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The Veggies are Coming!!!

I know he looks stoic, but Simon is very excited about his coming season!  As I rush to write the first blog of the season, I realize I have not taken any photos for a couple of weeks.  Well, that is because we have been running full speed ahead, nearly in circles already!!!  The crazy wet-cold turned to crazy hot-dry overnight and we have been racing to stay caught up with prepping fields, transplanting, seeding, harvesting and rain dancing.  Irrigation set up is quickly climbing to the top of the priority list.

Dudley and Daphney are still on slug patrol, although they are a little disappointed we don't get 4" of rain every week.  If slugs aren't on their minds, then they are thinking about a new boyfriend: "must be short and stout with a full body of plumage, bright orange feet, a strong beak and a robust Quack.  must like to take romantic waddles through the fields and be willing to share meals.  must want a family of 8-12 and be good with little ones.  we are cute and our owner is the best.  please send message via airmail if interested."
This weeks Goodness:
spinach, lettuce, sorrel, chives, potatoes, carrots, beets and rutabagas
Sorrel: a robust lemony green.  Great with eggs, in tarts, quiche or a tiny bit in your salad.