Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Happy New Year!!!

We hope your New Year is full of promise and excitement for things to come.  We have already had a pretty amazing January and continue to realize how blessed we are with family, community and an abundance of many good things.  

Farm seeds and amendments for this coming season are already ordered and many have already been shipped and are organized on the seed shelf  waiting to spring out of their packets.  Greenhouse seeding will not commence until mid March, so in the meantime I continue to work on accounting, crop planning and, of course, shoveling snow.  The CSA veggie shares are already full, so time spent on advertising has shifted to more exciting things like reviewing notes from conferences I attended in the fall and making a new round of farm goals.

It's refreshing to have winter finally arrive.  Although I enjoyed the extended 50 degree weather well into December, I do like winter for sport and a sense of cleansing.  Life is surely simpler without having to bundle up and shovel, but now that I am back into the routine, I am glad it's here.  It gives me time to breathe, take long walks with Simon and spend time with friends.  It's a time of renewal and recharge for me, allowing me to then pump out long days all summer long.

Poor Simon has had a rough week, though, sporting the cone of shame due to a Hot Spot on his ear. Although he still has to take some drugs, he is feeling much better now and even gets a respite from the cone when he doesn't seem too itchy.  xoxo

I will admit we spent a nice 10 days in Mexico at the beginning of the year in the most glorious weather I have ever experienced.  Sipping coconut milk and surfing were high on the list along with eating lots of fresh food, dancing to live music and simply enjoying the language and culture of Mexico. It was a fabulous trip spent with my parents and brother and his family.  Confession:  I did not want to leave and I was so close to changing my flight back to stay longer, but alas we returned and decided we like Maine just as well : )

Welcome 2016!

January Share: winter squash, sweet potato, potato, leek, onion, garlic, carrot, beet, turnip, parsnip, kohl rabi, red cabbage, chard and spinach

The farmer's Table:
*turkey pot pie with leftover Thanksgiving turkey and gravy, corn, peas, green beans all frozen from this summer, carrots, leek, celeriac and garlic

*beef chili