Sunday, February 17, 2013


It's almost time to start seeds again!

Outside the wind is howling and snow is falling, but inside my new greenhouse the air is warm(er) and dry.  It's pretty exciting to have our own greenhouse space this year.  Zach is really into starting his own flower seeds and this will allow him to do so (rather than me having to do it for him).  Really what he wants is for me to put a hammock in there so he can work a bit but mostly sit back and soak in the heat!

All the seeds are ordered and most have arrived via mail.  The larger items (bags of cover crop seeds, potato seeds, nutrients, row cover, etc.) are at FEDCO waiting for me to pick them up in May.  Most of these items I don't need until I can get onto the fields so driving to pick them up saves a lot on shipping costs.  Plus I always forget something and while I wait for my order to be organized I can shop.  It's the best shopping experience out there.  First of all it's in a warehouse and it's filled with almost every farming gadget--seeds, organic fertilizers, farming books, harvest knives, pruners, irrigation supplies, thermometers, hydrometers--no big equipment but the small stuff is just as exciting.  And the people milling about are mostly friends--other growers all dressed in muck boots, dirty pants and messy hair.  I will take this over the mall, even Reny's, any day of the week.
So my point was...I am ready for the 2013 season!  Fields are planned, the budget is made, seeds are waiting, greenhouse built.  I can't say as I am quite ready for it to begin...I still am enjoying the last few weeks of "lack of responsibility".  But the excitement is brewing : )
Spots are filling up quick.  Sign up now!!! 
The hoop house is insulated in snow and growing spinach nicely.  There will be some for pick up this month!  I am lucky that the snowfall this year has been light and fluffy.  So even though 10 foot drifts were present shoveling was a "breeze".  Super grateful to have these growing spaces!!

February Winter Share Pick Up this Thursday 21st

Pick up Includes: winter squash, radish, red/russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, red/yellow onions, parsnips, golden turnips, rutabagas, green cabbage, chinese cabbage, spinach...and a special treat!

Yummy Farm Dinners:
Red lentil, carrot and sweet potato soup
Tacos with our hamburg, salsa and topped with shredded chinese cabbage and carrots
Pork Ribs, frozen greenbeans and side salad (chinese cabbage, chicory, carrots and radish)