Tuesday, February 7, 2017


February Fun

Daily winter walks are our routine here on the farm.  Lately the sky has been clear blue and the sun warm and bright.  I have worn my Trax more than any other winter due to the ice, but I'll admit the firm walking conditions have made our hikes a breeze.  Simon loves it too, he can whirl through the woods like the Tasmanian Devil, staying on top of the snow sniffing, hunting, chasing, playing.  

Even Inka has gone on a few walks with us, making cute little cat tracks as he tags along.  It's a respite I don't have time for in the summer.  Space to stretch my legs, rather than being hunched over on my knees and space for my mind to wonder.  It's still usually thinking about the farm: planning, organizing, revisiting goals and reflecting.  The more my legs go, the faster my brain turns.  I have taken to bringing a small note pad with me or my phone to record my thoughts.  Otherwise, as soon as my legs stop and the walk is over, my brain switches from processing mode to task mode and I forget all the monumental ideas I formed : )

Winter is also processing time!  I generally do not have time to process food in the summer, so I freeze items and make jam, tomato sauce, pies, syrups and render lard in the winter.  Plus, it heats the house up and makes it smell like summer!  It also restocks the pantry shelves and gives us fabulous food for another year.  

We are adding Organic Mushrooms to our repertoire in 2017!  We are buying inoculated blocks from a facility in Gardiner, mostly shitake and oyster.  Here we are experimenting with them in our home, but we will erect a tiny hoop house to grow them in over the summer.  We think it will be a wonderful add on purchase to the summer shares! 

This Month's Bounty:
carrots, parsnips, kohl rabi, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, red cabbage, beets, turnips, celeriac, leeks, onions, garlic, winter squash and spinach

The Farmer's Table:
Beet Borscht with cabbage, celeriac, carrots and potatoes
Plum Clafoutis 9aweseom with any fresh/frozen fruit)
Celeriac Latkes
Ribeye Steaks with sweet potatoes and peas 
Sweet potato and sausage soup
Caramelized onions and butternut squash lasagna
Sweet pepper, spinach and local feta pizza