Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Winter Solstice and Merriment

It's the time of year where I am attending conferences, meeting with wholesale customers, ordering seeds, field planning, equipment cleaning/maintaining, assessing the farm's future ..... lots of thinking, sitting, tea drinking ....  It's a time of reflection, thanksgiving, anticipation and change.  Although the image and the mission of the farm stay consistent from year to year, marketing strategies and customer base fluctuate.  Luckily we are based in a state with lots of external help (University of Maine Extension, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Assoc..) where folks are keeping an eye on the marketplace and sharing research information; services for which I am grateful.  I am also grateful for you, our customer, and value your opinion.  Please do not hesitate to give us feedback so we may maintain your patronage and continue to serve our community with products we are passionate about!

Winter Solstice marks the lengthening of precious light. I can sense humans and plants alike standing a little taller, reaching for the longer days and breathing in the essence of what is to come.  I appreciate the change of the seasons and the time of cold and quiet before the burst of new spring.  I hope you also find comfort in the season and enjoy the warmth of your home and smells of roots baking and liquid nutrients of squash soup!  Try this Cheesy Root Gratin -- Unique and delicious.

May your Holidays be full of whatever makes you smile!