Thursday, April 18, 2013

April: Last Winter Share Pick up

Good Bye Winter Storage Crops, Hello Greens!

Well, not quite yet.  The next 8 weeks are actually some of the hardest when eating seasonally in Maine.  One hopes they have a great root storage area and that there are still a few pounds of solid (not spoiled) food in there!  Luckily all of our veg stored awesome this winter and the last winter share pick up will be bountiful. 

This April has been wonderful, I think.  Not too slow, not too rushed.  I have been plugging away at my ever growing list and hoping to stay just a step ahead--for at least a couple more weeks.  Although the wind has been cool and somewhat exhausting, it is helping to dry out the soil and I am eyeing up a few spots to disc later this week.

The greenhouse is pumping with green!  Zach has been working hard on the PYO flower starts while I focus on the veggies to fill your bellies.  I usually seed a few greens early just in case I can get into the fields early.  Seeing as this year seems more normal to late, the early seeded tat soi and lettuce will have to be crammed into the hoophouse between spinach plants.  And then the few beds I hope to cultivate later this week will hold kohl rabi, Chinese cabbage, more lettuce and THOUSANDS of onions.  Ahh my knees are aching just thinking about it!

So this is it, the last winter share pick up.  I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed it and hopefully I will see you for the summer share.  As always, I am open to comments and suggestions.  Enjoy the last of the root veggies and the new fresh greens.  There is a new green this week you may not recognize called Claytonia.  This blog post has a nice description of it--I hope you enjoy: