Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 29th and Oct 2nd

Make Way for Fall

Asters are in full bloom, pumpkins are bright orange and the apples, man the apples this year, are unbelievable!  This week brings us into October and Saturday night brought us our first frost, I guess the change of season is inevitable.  Although fall is my favorite season, I am feeling a little like the leaves this year, holding out, refusing to change, until the last second.
The fields are SO SO DRY.  The plants are holding their own, but will surely enjoy the drink predicted midweek.  On the plus side, the dry weather has made harvesting much easier and if we can get in as much as I hope Monday, we may actually have some "clean" potatoes this year for the winter share : )

Most fields have transitioned from dense veggies to cover crop.  Despite the lack of moisture, these little seeds have emerged and will continue to grow until they are covered in snow.  Their roots help hold the soil in place during the fall and spring rains and retain nutrients that will be needed for next year's crops.  Plans for next year have already begun; having forethought is must for a farmer.
Speaking of forethought.......  it's time to start signing up for 2016 summer shares!  This year's shareholders have first dibs and should give me at least a $70 deposit by January 1st to hold your spot.  After that I will open it up to anyone that is on the wait list and then open it up to the public.
This week's bounty: lettuce, arugula, radish, kohlrabi, cabbage, carrot, onion, eggplant, pepper and acorn squash
The Farmer's Table:
*baked veggie omelet, with a side of LRF bacon, of course
*loaded veggie lasagna
*b.a.t.'s (bacon, arugula and tomato)
*veggie soup with home made beef broth
*pulled pork sliders with mustard coleslaw
*chicken fried steak (tenderized and breaded London Broil) over a bed of arugula and tomato
...Zach was on this week--everything was soooooooo good!!!!