Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27th and July 1st

It's Summer!!!
and we go to the beach once a year : ) Simon is like a fish...with sharp claws--he LOVES it!!!

I wanted to take a photo of the glorious strawberries but didn't get to it, so you will just have to go out and see for yourself. It is easy picking right now so don't miss out!!!

Next week will be bring a Friend week, but please come with them and show them the ropes. It keeps my self serve honor system from breaking down.

Alright this one is short--I gotta write this on Sunday so I have a bit more time....maybe next week! But for now I am thankful for the bit of rain we got, plants look happy (except for the decapitated peppers and lettuce due to a deer) and the strawberries are AWESOME!!!! Okay I am off to cultivate (weed with the tractor). ENJOY!

This Week's Loot: lettuce, spinach, tat soi, mustard mix, beet greens, hakurei turnips, kohl rabi and garlic scapes

Tat Soi

Khol Rabi

Garlic Scapes