Tuesday, February 19, 2019


 Farm Angels

Winter erratically plunders on and we continue to play in its beauty.  So many hours are spent in front of the computer; learning new accounting software, doing taxes, reviewing budgets, ordering supplies and creating planting maps for the upcoming season, that the daily escape into the cold is necessary to keep the blood flowing.  

Simon tends to do whatever I do; if I am inside, he is inside...if I go out, he decides to go out.  Puffa, on the other hand, has an agenda all his own (in typical cat style).  Most of it involves sleeping, but every once in awhile he will alert us with his raspy "meow" that he has been hunting.  Of course he brings it in the house to show off his skills and immediately Simon starts wonder if Puffa will share his prize.  Luckily both Puff and Simon are excellent rodent control.  2018 and so far 2019 have been the highest rodent population I have ever seen here.  It started with the insane numbers of squirrels (!!!) this summer and has continued with a multitude of mice.  I think we have made a significant dent, but I will admit my stomach has butterflies thinking of starting to seed and transplant in the hoop house soon.  Hopefully my brigade will find the mice before they find tasty little seed treats!

The kitchen stays warm with the oven in full swing.  Zach is often inspired to cook up some tasty dinner and I continue to paw through the freezer, digging out treasures of fruit and fat to render.  I am still happily eating winter storage crops and frozen berries.  I hope all of you are content with your winter stash of nutrition.  Soon greens will make their way onto our plates and spring will turn us all into rabbits.  Until then, warm your bellies with the natural sweetness of squash, beets, spuds.....

February's Bounty: cabbage, beets, carrots, celeriac, golden turnip, onion, garlic, parsnip, watermelon radish, winter squash and lettuce from Spring Works Farm

The Farmer's Table:
*roasted Sunny Side Family Farm chicken with frozen green beans and roasted potato
*Chili made with LRF grass-fed beef
*Tex mex LRF burger -- Recipe
*Cabbage Pancakes -- Recipe