Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 3rd and 6th

Happy 4th!  

The pigs are celebrating the 4th this year getting a little up close and personal and wallowing in mud.  The pigs are a bit manic this year, when I enter the pen they swarm me and literally "squeal like a pig".  My pigs are usually very social but for some reason the are extremely vocal this year.  They all want attention (as you can see) and one in particular loves to get petted so much he butts me in the leg like a dog would do and then when I pet him he flops to the ground and rolls over so I can get his belly!  They are stoked today because we just moved them into a beautiful patch of pea cover crop.

The Turkeys are Here!  Little baby turkeys arrived last week and they are best of buds already, keeping each other snugly warm.  (not that they need to in this heat!!)  Feel free to say hello to them up in the house barn.  And be sure to reserve yours now for October pick up!!

Pick Your Own Flowers are Open!  And they are gorgeous!  Do enjoy, but be sure not to cut too low.  Also, although the zinnias look ready, give them a bit more time and you will be amazed at how the flowers will turn into much larger puff balls!!!

We have had some pretty amazing meals lately.  Colorful stir fries and lots of veggie frittatas. Be sure to try some Shiitake Mushrooms too -- they compliment everything!!

Thank you to all who did a rain dance, we received almost 3" which was much needed!!  The plants have responded well.  Now if you could just dance this humidity away....

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, chard, kale, hakurei, kohl rabi, garlic scapes, dill, cilantro, scallions, chinese cabbage.

The Farmer's Table:
Chili--stew meat, bacon sausage with grated carrot and kale garnish
Stir Fry--Pac choi, radish, broccoli, pork and lacoto fermented turnip
Fritatta--Kale, pea, parsnip and spring onion