Saturday, March 6, 2010

Member Handbook 2010

Welcome to Little Ridge Farm CSA!

Our hope is that when members come to our farm they feel at home; a farm of their very own. We encourage members to walk the farm, visit the animals, picnic, play and enjoy! Since it is a working farm though, we have a few things to be mindful of:


  • Driveway --the hill is a blind spot, never back out, pull out quick!
  • Rock wall--rocks are unstable, please do not climb
  • Fences--are all electric, Ouch!
  • Simon, the dog, is lovable but watch out for his high energy!
  • Dora, the duck, is very inquisitive and he likes to bite, he has no teeth, but it pinches and may scare your kids, so just be ready for him

PYO garden:

  • The PYO garden is for you--enjoy!
  • The free PYO patch includes the garden area directly behind the distribution barn(excluding the rhubarb), the 3 blueberry bushes right there and the herb garden along the stone wall.
  • Remember that you are sharing this garden with several other members.
  • Please refrain from picking fruit from the trees and from the blueberry bushes in our backyard.
  • The PYO raspberries and strawberries are not free, sorry!

We are looking forward to sharing the harvest with you! Let us know if you ahve any questions,

Keena, Zach, Simon (the pooch), Leroy, Milo and Sunny (the mice exterminators) and Dora and Dudley (the slug munchers).