Monday, August 1, 2016

August 2nd and 5th


The turkeys are 5 weeks old Thursday and today they had their first taste of freedom.  Actually they remind me a bit of the ostriches I would see while on my morning walks in Kenya.  (I studied Wildlife Management there my Junior year of college.)  Dry grass, tall necks, running birds.  It was one of the wild animals I was most afraid of because they could run up to 45 mph and kick a wallop (ie kick you to death).

Luckily I was never chased by one and luckily I do not think I have to worry about my turkeys chasing me down either.  They may follow me from one side of the field to the other, but I feel pretty safe leading them along ; )

Unfortunately our lawn is starting to look like the African Safari.  I have never seen it so crispy and wilted.  The fields look a bit brighter and lush, but it's sure rough for them out there.  Zach is on a mission to test our wells' depth.  Testing them to see how hard we can push them.  Currently we run the drip irrigation twice a day for one hour each time.  We can only water a few beds at a time because we only get near 4gpm, so that means it takes us over 10 days to water then entire farm, and it's only dropping a 0.25" each time.  In year's past, that supplemental watering was sufficient, but when this is the only water the plants are getting, I can see them struggle.  I will admit it's hard to see. It's hard to put so much work, mental energy and heart into something only to see it struggle.  We will still have a bounty.  We are currently blessed with more food than the CSA itself can manage.  But there may be a bit less diversity as the season progresses.  Every year is different and every year I am amazed at a plant's resilience and gift of food.

Thank you in advance for your nightly rain dance.

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, broccoli, beets with greens, baby leeks, greenbeans, eggplant, zukes, cukes, summer squash, melons(?), dill, cilantro, basil, parsley

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