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Monday, July 23, 2018

July 24th and 27th

Flavors of the Farm

Raspberries!  Have been wonderful this year!  What a joy to pick these luscious bites.  There are loads of fruit still ripening, but the season will pass before you know it, so be sure to come by and fill a container or two as soon as you can!  Come every few days so you have a fresh eating supply:) Raspberry vinaigrette, raspberry pie, raspberry jam, fresh eating, anything thing raspberry with dark chocolate.....

Shiitake Mushrooms!  I still marvel at the flavor of these beautiful buttons of fungus.  No matter what dish I put them in their flavor stands out and enhances every meal.  And did you know shiitakes offer good fiber, B vitamins and immune boosting support?!

Ok so I admit the farmer got dibs on the first ripe tomato.  To be honest, Zach ate it, which is fair since he does most of the cooking.  They are still teasing us, hanging green on the vine, but soon....

Pork belly with Asian style slaw.  What more can I say?

Zucchini noodles used as the base of the Asian slaw.  We have not been eating grain as of late and the "spiralizer" has been a great kitchen addition.  To be honest I am not a huge fan of zucchini (although I love summer squash) but zucchini noodles are a win for me.  I love the crunchy texture and pasta like feel.

We have also been loving sliced kohl rabi, sometimes dipped in hummus, other times just plain as a crunchy side.  If you haven't tried them you should!!!  They are amazing roasted, sauteed....crunchy and sweet!

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, cabbage, pac choi (i think), mini red onion, broccoli, baby carrot! beet, hakurei, snap peas, zukes, summer squash....the garden's are starting to explode!!!  Cucumbers are on their way...I direct seeded them rather than transplanting them, so they are a little later than my usual.