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Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 19th and 22nd

All in a Row

The piggies moved to greener pastures this weekend.  They were a bit timid at first to cross the "fence line" (which we had removed, but hey clearly remembered its electric bite).  But once they finally crossed, what fun they had!  These little critters bring me such joy with their individual personalities.  There is one this year, we call Pillow, who loves to be petted.  He just faints with joy, rolling over so I can pat his belly and then softly grunts with pleasure.  So cute.

Speaking of greener pastures....despite the hot and dry, most crops are bounding with beauty.  And sweetness too--did you love that broccoli last week?!  I don't usually eat it raw, but I enjoyed it in a salad.  Lots of new items are on the horizon: scallions, chinese cabbage, peas....

Bright Lights Chard ... 

LRF lettuce mix, radish, broccoli & pickled peppers with Spring Day Creamery Award winning Blue Cheese

This Week's Bounty: Lettuce, kale, chard, purple kohl rabi, tat soi and spinach(?)