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Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 9th and 12th

Sunny Side

Thought I would focus on the brighter side of the hot and dry for this week's blog....

Heat loving crops are in their glory.  Melons are looking plentiful and will be ripening soon!

Watermelons are also plentiful and bigger than ever!!

Tomatoes, although later than usual for me, are numerous and starting to blush

Peppers, also a little late, are LOADED with fruit!

The other pluses of severe dry weather:
*harvesting is way easier when we don't have to wade through mud or wear rain gear
*plant disease pressure is less
*we don't have to mow
*crops are clean and need minimal washing

There is a bountiful week of veggies again this week and, again, the plants are thriving much better than I would anticipate.  Cheers to the Brighter Side!

This Week's Bounty: lettuce, zukes, cukes, summer squash, sweet onions, fennel, chard, kale....

The Farmer's Table:
mushroom crusted pork
zucchini noodles with sauce
lots of cucumber crudites
fried zucchini and broccoli

From the Shareholder's Table:

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