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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30th and September 2nd

A Farmer's Tale

Once there was a farmer from Ohio.  Although her home state had dark soils and lack of rocks, she decided Maine was the place she would set down her roots.  Being from Ohio, corn is in her blood. So in Maine she had tried to grow corn like she remembers as a child....over 6' tall and full of ears, bushels and bushels to fill your belly and your freezer.  Alas the local Maine wildlife heard of this venture and has set out filling their own bellies and stores for winter.

Argh!  I HATE rodents!!!!  So much damage can be done in one night.  60 ears gone over the course of three.  And not gone gone, but rather one bite out of each one, ruining it for future use.  I think it is a raccoon, or possibly a porcupine, so I have set up my Game Camera for night photos and our Have A Heart trap for arresting this greedy creature.  No photos yet, and no coon in the trap, but rather a skunk!  A small one.  We released it into a wide open field.  I imagined it skipping off across the expanse enjoying its freedom.  Instead, it took a hard right out of the trap, back underneath my truck and proceeded to cross the Rt 125 as cars zipped by.  Although no one was injured or directly sprayed in this event, the corn patch still reeks of skunk....and the real perpetrator is still at large.

Luckily raccoons do not like melons.  And although, in the past, I have battled crows in the melon patch, not this year!  They are full and ripe and oh so tasty!!!  Tomatoes are also on the rise...10 lbs for full shares this week!

Onion Rings with the Sweet Walla Walla onions--yum!!!

This week's bounty: lettuce, kale, onion, hot pepper, carrot, tomato, cuke, zuke, summer squash, melon, dill, cilantro, basil and corn....unless the coon gets to it first.

The Farmer's Table: 
Onion Rings
burritos with all the fixin's
melons, melons, melons
peach, blueberry cobbler

The Shareholder's Table:
fresh salsa
Chicken Ceaser Pizza
fresh pesto on top of chicken with fresh red/yellow tomatoes on top with mozzarella baked 

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