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Monday, July 25, 2016

July 26th and 29th

Cukes and Zukes are In!

Yes these are yellow ZUCHINNI!!!!  Trust your farmer : )  Nice white buttery flesh.  Makes a beautiful pairing with the green varieties.  

I only grew pickling cucumber varieties this year, so any are great for refrigerator pickles or canning. And the yellow ones are AWESOME.  They turn from whitish to yellow to russet brown.  The more brown they are, the sweeter the inside.  The skin gets tougher and therefore make a perfect pickle or cooked cucumber.  (think roasted or sauteed or even a soup!)

The PYO flower garden is in full beauty! Be sure to cut yourself a bouquet, don't be shy!

PYO Blueberries.... there are 3 blueberry bushes by the PYO garden and they are meant for grazing on while enjoying the farm.  Please do not pick into containers, so that there is enough for all to have a handful.  

In the right hand corner of the garden is BASIL, CALENDULA and PARSLEY.  All are edible. There is regular sweet basil and there is also Sacred (or Holy) Basil.  It is the one with the purple flowers and makes a great sun tea.  Check out its amazing aroma!

The farm is looking beautiful despite missing all of the weekend's rain events.  Looks like we could get a shower tonight?!  A couple good things about it being dry is that it is easier to work and the disease pressure is low.  The downsides are that things aren't as sweet tasting, plants are still growing a bit slower than usual and it's harder to get fruit to ripen or bulb/head up.  I am most concerned about my fall crops like cabbage and potatoes...they certainly could be on the small side this year.  We will harvest garlic this week and it's the smallest I have ever grown.  The heads are as big as what one clove usually is for us!  They still taste amazing and it feels good to know the farm can still sustain some pretty amazing crops even if the moisture is at about 25% of its usual.  Eat it up!

This Week's Bounty: Romaine Lettuce, cabbage, hakurei, zukes, cukes, summer squash, mini purple onions, scallions, green beans, new potatoes (?) basil, parsley, dill, cilantro

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