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Monday, September 5, 2016

September 6th and 9th

Late Night Farm Patrol

I bought a night vision game camera couple of years ago so I can capture pictures of what is hunting my livestock or eating my crops.  It helps me know what kind of control to use, since each critter is different.  Here Simon is out on his own checking the trap (the metal box Left Center) at 8:24 pm. 

And here is our prickly little corn-eating culprit.  Well, his back half anyway.  Bottom left, you can see that spiny porcupine checking out the corn's ripeness.  He seems to visit every other day. And actually, right now, I am headed out with my headlamp to see if I can catch this little punk!  

Tired of your Zucchini?  Spiralize it!!!  My mom just bought us this gadget and we are obsessed. We've spiralized carrots, potatoes, zukes, cukes...everything is more fun in spirals!!!  We can make ribbon cuts too!  Just a light saute or a little dressing and it's like a whole new vegetable!  Yes, I am excited about the spiralizer!

PYO Tomatilloes are found right next to the hoop house.  These tart little fruits make a mean salsa verde (green salsa).  Salted and roasted, they are great on pork too.  You know they are ripe when the "skins" split, like in the photo above.  The yellower they are, the more ripe.  Fish for the ripe ones down at the base of the plant.  They take a bit of work, but it's a special taste of summer!

This Week's Bounty: cabbage (great on tacos, Mexican style, with salsa!), beets, green beans, potatoes, sweet and hot peppers, onions, zukes, summer squash, cukes, tomatoes and herbs ...oh and the last of the melons ; )  ....lettuce and corn next week

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