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Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 3rd and 6th: SUN!

Intro to the PYO HERBS

This PYO herb garden is free with your summer share.  Please enjoy!!!  Herbs are labeled and there are scissors on the sill by the back door of the barn. 

Thyme and Sage

Tarragon for fish and chicken

An upper for your cat, or a calming tea for you.

Lavender scones...or a sachet for your drawer.

A spring herb that adds a nice celery flavor.  A little goes a long way for flavor.
In an attempt to keep mint from taking over the garden, I have a pot of it at the base of the rock wall.

There are three blueberry bushes (pictured in the foreground) at the end of the herb garden that are also for PYO.  (Please do not harvest from the fruit trees or the rhubarb).
This photo shows the best place to cut herbs and flowers so they will regrow.  Just above the "v" on the stem, 3-6" from the ground (depending on how tall the plant is).
This week's Bounty:
lettuce, spinach, tat soi?, carrots, chives, rhubarb, scallions, asparagus for half shares!

The Farmer's Plate:
lots of spinach : )  Spinach salads, sautéed spinach with eggs, spinach on pizza.

From the "Chow" on Scallions:
Green onions/scallions “stay small and do not form big bulbs”; she adds that the regular cooking onion (Allium cepa) may also occasionally be sold as a green onion or spring onion if it’s harvested early, before the bulb fully forms. Used raw, green onions/scallions add a bit of texture, color, and a milder taste to your cooking than regular onions, as in this recipe for guacamole. They are also delicious grilled whole.

“Chives are a completely different species. Use chives to add oniony flavor (with a tiny hint of garlic) without having to put big chunks in your dish, like in these soft-scrambled-egg and prosciutto bundles. Chives are also good raw as a garnish over things like deviled eggs.

Leeks are firmer and more dense than scallions, with a milder flavor. Recipes usually call for the light green and white portion of the stalk (but we like to save the green tops and throw them in the pot when making stock). Leeks are best in cooked preparations, like CHOW’s Savory Onion and Leek Tart or Carrot, Leek, and Parsley Mash.

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