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Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 10th and 13th: Greens

Bring on the SUN!!!

Wow, have the plants (and us) responded to the warmth and sun.  Now we go from cursing too much rain to doing rain dances--or scrambling to get irrigation set up!

It's time to turn on your inner's greens time!

Lots and lots and lots of transplanting happening here.  Should be weeding too, but the transplanting keeps getting in the way : )

The strawberry patch is looking AMAZING!  Like a soft, flowery bed I would love to sleep on. 

Not quite yet, but they are coming!

Zach is working hard getting your PYO flower garden planted.

The pigs first watering hole.  So funny.  I don't think they had have seen so much water in one spot, they were a little afraid of it at first!
This week's Bounty: lettuce, radish, arugula?, parsnips, scallions, sorrel, carrots, rhubarb and asparagus
The Farmer's Table:
(The farmer is blessed with a wonderful husband who loves to cook, otherwise all I would eat is raw veggies and cheese with a hamburger thrown in here and there!) 
*pasta with sautéed tat soi
*leftover pasta as a cold salad with pickled carrots (made by a shareholder--thank you!) asparagus and lettuce
*Smoked/roasted pork loin with roasted rutabagas (yes we are still eating last year's rutas) and a side salad
*Steak and spinach salad with Spring Day Blues blue cheese....oh so good!
*Rhubarb and oat bars from the smitten kitchen web site (I actually made these!)

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