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Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 20th and 23rd: Brightness


Our house, inside and out, has been adorned with the colors of spring.  Neon green, vibrant pink, moon glow white... I will even admit to loving the dandelions' yellow radiance this time of year.   I took a moment at the end of my day today to gaze at the new leaf growth on our trees.  From mouse eared size to silver dollar.  If I don't look now, in an instant all the leaves are full grown and I wonder when it happened.  Luckily a snuggle in the hammock with Simon didn't let this moment pass me by  this year.
This week was FULL of many many many many many many tasks.  I often thought "I should take a picture of this for the blog" but alas the camera sat in the house and much of our work went un photographed.  We did catch a few today though:
Piggies out on pasture!

Notice how far Simon stays away...he is afraid of the fence : )

Zach lovingly seeding and transplanting flowers for the PYO garden. 
 He is a proud father of all his babies this year.
We are taking the weather in stride and survived the deluge of rain on Saturday.  In fact, it stopped just in time for our farm tours!  Although the soil and the air is cooler than usual, I am feeling good about what we have planted.  A noticeable growth and brightness in color happened this week, so despite the slow warmth, the bit of sun and rain are helping the veggies.
Lots on the to do list for this week too.  Including your next pick up!
This week's bounty: spinach, tat soi, pac choi, parsnips, carrots, chives and asparagus for full shares
The tat soi and pac choi are both Asian greens and are best lightly sautéed or wilted in a soup.
(See the recipe list to the right for past recipes) 
The fresh dug parsnips are SO SWEET and are easy just to simply roast and eat with your fingers like french fries!
The possibilities with spinach are endless...we like it one pizza, on burgers, as a salad, in saag paneer, lightly sautéed with garlic, in Italian wedding soup.....

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