Monday, June 16, 2014

June 17th and 20th: A Month of Planting

Beautiful Day

June is a month full of every task possible there is to do on the farm.  It's sometimes hard to keep the priority list from being all top priorities.  The weather changes (finally) from cold to warm and everything starts to grow!  Including the weeds.  This photo doesn't quite capture it, but the colors of the different plants against the sky and the soil was so vivid.  Be sure to take a walk around the farm if you have a minute.
 We have been non stop transplanting still.  It's a funny thought that almost all we eat for the entire year is planted in June.  Maine's growing season is so short, we have to squeeze it all!

...while the pigs nap...
The pig in the top center was smiling.  Hog Heaven.

This week's bounty: loads of lettuce, kale, chard, hakurei turnips with greens, maybe some radish and asparagus?

The Farmer's Table:
*pork loin stir fry with carrots, parsnips and turnip our new wok! 
*I am sure we ate other food, but I can't remember it right now!

Hakurei Turnips--are a crunchy, kind of sweet, sort of spicy treat!  You can eat the bulbs raw like a radish or lightly cook them to sweeten them up.  The greens are a little like mustard greens and wonderful sauteed.

Lettuce--Lots of lettuce recipes case you get tired of just salad...

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