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Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 16th and 19th

Enjoying the Moment

On a rare evening, when work was complete for the day, I relaxed in the backyard with Simon and my cats, Leroy and Puff.  The humidity had dropped, the air was scented with Beach Rose and alive with the sound of buzzing bees dining on comphrey.  Blue birds and Phoebe fledglings flitted in the peach trees and in the distance I could see the pigs romping in their new pasture.  Nice.  So very nice.
Puff obviously had a hard day's work and he knows how to relax.
Every morning I head out to feed the pigs and this is usually how I find them.  Piled up, legs on top of one another, some snoring, some laying there with one eye opened, but all totally at peace.

And then I call, "Good morning, Piggies!" and they all perk up, snorting and yawing from a good night's sleep.
The farm is feeling vibrant despite the lack of rain.  (Yes, some of you may have been getting rain, but we seem to be in a black hole here and have only received mere tenths to your inches!)  Dang it.  I suppose if I had to choose between this and Texas, I would choose this.  We have been slowly irrigating, but we don't have much water so we have to be ultra conservative.  Plants are bright and productive, although we may have a year of "baby" veggies.  Without the extra water, some plants are looking a little shorter than normal.  Alas, there are lots of veggies ready for your eating pleasure this week, we do hope you enjoy!!!
This week's bounty: lettuce, spinach, arugula, radish, scallions, yokata na, asparagus, carrots, parsnips.
The Farmer's Table:
*Stir fry with Sunnyside Chicken,  sweet peppers from our freezer and tat soi
*Our London Broil with caramelized shallots and arugula
*Smoked turkey soup (from leftover turkey) on a bed of spinach and pac choi
*Potato pancakes (nearing the last of 2014 taters) with scallions and Winter Hill yogurt
*Hamburgers with Spring Day Blues and loads of greens and pickles made by a share holder
Yokatta What?  It's an Asian green, eat it just like you would tat soi or pac choi (sautéed, grilled, soup, stir fry, pizza, pasta...)

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