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Sunday, May 31, 2015

June 2nd and 5th


There is moisture falling from the sky!  Even though the air temps are cooler, the soil is good and warm and I think the veggies are rejoicing for this moisture.  Looks like we will end up with just over an inch of rain...perfect.  It will make Tuesday morning's harvest a bit sloppy, but I am thankful...and you will be too come a few weeks from now, when your plate is full of veggies!
Wheat Boule.  Naturally Leavened.  Chewy.  Crunchy.  Yum.
If you haven't tried it yet, you MUST try Paul's home made breads and sweets--they are simply amazing.  Part of what makes them so wonderful is the interest and love he puts into making each loaf.  He goes to conferences, experiments in his kitchen and talks to other bread gurus to make these wonderful treats.  Look for his product twice a month a pick up and look for him to ask questions and see his joy in bread!

Who says you need a PYO flower garden at Little Ridge Farm to make a great bouquet?!  Look out, Zach, it will be a steep competition this year ; )
This week's bounty: spring dug parsnips and scallions, chives, rhubarb, spinach, lettuce, tat soi/pac choi, asparagus and carrots.
The farmer's table:
potato sorrel soup
hamburgers with Paul's bread and Spring Day Blues cheese
asparagus...raw, sautéed, grilled
sautéed spinach with edemame soybeans from the freezer
**be sure to check out recipes by veggie listed on the right side if the blog

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